Our fees are tailored to the financial package you have already budgeted for the position you seek to fill and have a weekly hours cap. We bill weekly for only the hours worked. If your consultant worked 3.25 hours for your church one week, you will be billed for the exact time. And, we do not round up the time; you pay for the exact time worked. If your consultant exceeds the hours of your weekly fee cap on any given week, all time that exceeds the hourly cap will be pro bono for that week.

For positions other than lead pastor, we typically have a well-paired candidate to present to you within six to eight weeks after the Observation and Consultation Weekend (the weekend your consultant visits your church). Since more is involved in pairing a lead pastor with your church, the timeline is typically 2-3 months.


Your consultant will typically have three potential candidates for your church, and will present to you the one who he/she believes pairs best with your church. If, at any point during the information-gathering, interviewing process, either you or the candidate chooses to not proceed, your consultant will present the next candidate. Typically, the first candidate we present is the candidate the church ultimately hires. But, we are prepared should that not be the case.


Yes; the agreement includes terms in which the church and/or DWC can terminate the agreement once it is signed. Once a proposed candidate is presented, we can continue until a candidate is chosen or DWC terminates the agreement. 



Email us your resume. One of our consultants will review it and will contact you if it seems you might pair well with one of our churches.

We follow the “Samuel Principle” when presenting candidates. When Samuel was asking God which of Jesse’s sons was to be king, he asked Him one son at a time. We present one candidate at a time to a church. If, during the process, either the candidate or the church determines not to proceed, we present the next candidate.


Candidates never pay anything to be considered or to be hired.


Absolutely. And, we will consider whether you pair well with one of our churches. Just as we follow the Samuel Principle with our churches – presenting one candidate at a time – we expect our candidates to do the same thing – consider one church at a time. So, when you are no longer considering any specific church, we will welcome the opportunity to consider you for one of our churches.




Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

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