Our consultants are what you’re looking for so they know how to identify who you’re looking for. If you need a senior pastor, your DWC consultant will be an experienced senior pastor. If you need a worship pastor, an experienced worship pastor will be your consultant. Simply put, our consultants have done what you’re needing and they know who is what you want and who only appears to be what you want.

We use Ephesians 4:16 as our goal, to “fitly join” the right ministry person with your church. We don’t just hand you resumes and leave you with the job of being your own consultant; we pair your church with the right person, using our knowledge of your own staff and church members. We vet our candidates for you so you don’t end up hiring someone who looks good on the surface but who doesn’t match your church well or who doesn’t have the character to build your ministry.


We understand your needs. If you had to have brain surgery, who would be the best equipped to help you find a brain surgeon — someone who had had brain surgery, someone who has worked for a brain surgeon, or someone who is a successful brain surgeon? There is no better person to turn to in your search than someone who is a successful and experienced pastor. The same is true about executive pastors, youth pastors, etc.

Church search teams and staffing companies are limited because they have never served in the ministry position that you are filling. Imagine a search team of nothing but lead pastors, or nothing but youth pastors. DWC offers you that level of experience and knowledge of the position because they have already done everything you’re looking for. We are the best “search committee” you could ever want.


Regardless of what you call it at your church – soundman/ screen operator, technology/media, audio/visual, production/broadcast, in-person/online, this vital ministry is now the front doors of your church. It influences the initial impression of your church (both in-person and online) and whether people even hear and engage in your ministry.

Our experienced consultants know how this technology works practically in ministry environments because we are in those trenches using it every single day – and teaching others to use it. Through CONSULTING, we help maximize your existing resources and staff and guide toward technology expansion as needed. Through PAIRING, our consultants are well equipped to understand your current needs while we PAIR your church with a Production/Technology pastor who is skilled for your current and future ministry needs.



DWC has developed a purposeful and successful vetting process. Your DWC consultant will observe your church by actually visiting your church and meeting everyone in person. Every person in leadership and every staff member will have time with your consultant. And then, your consultant will provide an analysis and consultation of your potential – where you are now and the potential you have for the future. Since DWC consultants have served in the position churches seek to fill, often that analysis and consultation will find potential your church has not seen. And, having an honest perspective of someone from the outside is always beneficial to a healthy church.

We hold video conferences with your staff and leadership. We visit your church. Then your consultant takes what he has learned and begins the 80%/20% candidate vetting process.

The 80% part is informational. This is when every question can be asked by everyone involved. There are several video conferences that will include the candidate, the candidate’s spouse, the pastor and pastor’s spouse, church leadership, ministry volunteers. Any information needed to know by both the church and the candidate will be made clear during these meetings. Now comes the 20% – relational. This is our Pilot Service Weekend, when the candidate and his family visits with the church for a weekend, leads worship or preaches or leads whatever ministry for which the candidate is being considered. All questions and answers have been covered in the 80% part. This 20% part is to know whether the candidate can do what DWC said he/she can do and whether the church family and its staff and leadership are everything they promised the candidate that they are.

Your DWC consultant will be present at every meeting all along the way. DWC is there to protect the integrity of all three parties – the church, the candidate, and DWC. We are there to protect the church so that no candidate or candidate’s family misinterprets anything that the church says or does. We are there to make sure the candidate and eventually the candidate’s family is not put in any situation that causes them to feel uncomfortable. And, DWC is there to provide consultation and analysis at every point of the process and to make certain the integrity of DWC is never questioned.


Dwight Whitworth & Company has an intercessory prayer team with members located across four states. Not only are they committed to praying daily for DWC, but they also prayer for each church we serve as consultants. They pray for each pastor, search committee team, and candidate by name. Every day.

Every member of Dwight Whitworth & Company is also committed to prayer. Focused on Mark 4:26-29, each of us understands that we put the seed in the ground and then rely on God for the harvest in the churches we assist and that even the seeds we sow are placed in our hands by God.


We would be happy to discuss your needs and look forward to pairing you with a great candidate. 


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